How to find gay health care

If you’re thinking about getting married or living together and want to get more information on LGBT health care, you might want to check out a recent issue of Gay Health Magazine.That’s because there’s a great article on how to find health care for LGBT people in the United States.The article, titled How to Find […]

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5 things to know about the review

HealthReviews is a new, premium, subscription health magazine, launched in 2017 by New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) medical columnist, Dr. Peter J. Cottle.The magazine’s website is now live, and the subscription model is being tested in a handful of locations.But before we dive in, we should note that there is a catch.The HealthReview’s subscription […]

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How the Affordable Care Act can help the animals

Health Insider title 5 Things You Didn’t Know About The Affordable Care Bill article HealthInsider title What you need to know about the Affordable Health Care Act article Health Insider title How will the ACA impact you?article Healthinsider title 6 ways the Affordable Healthcare Bill is going to affect you article Health insider title 8 […]

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We’re taking your photos with our camera: we’re also taking your thoughts

Design: A photo by Design magazine design magazine Design article Design magazine is an online design and photography magazine that publishes stories on all things design, from how to design your next holiday party to how to make an Instagram post.In this year’s issue, they published a special issue on how to use the camera […]

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What’s yoga and how does it work?

Yoga, like any exercise, is a full-body workout.It’s a body-based workout that’s not just for your legs, but for your entire body.It involves stretching and a full body workout.And while many of us take yoga for granted, it’s not all about the stretches.We need to work on our core, lower body, and back to strengthen […]

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How to win the ‘health’ mags awards

The health magazine editors, including editor-in-chief Kate White, were awarded a total of £1,000 in cash prizes for their coverage of the coronavirus pandemic.The magazine also won an award for the most accurate coverage of a coronaviruses pandemic, the Health and Social Care Information Council said in a statement.The awards for this year’s ‘health and […]

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